Jamu sehat perkasa Men's Penis enlargement cream

Jamu sehat perkasa Penis enlargement (External only)

Sehat Perkasa Cream: (Cream) For men suffering from impotence and premature ejaculation, apply Sehat Perkasa Cream regularly for 3 weeks to maintain longer lasting erection. This will also enlarge and strengthen the penis Rub gently for 2 hours daily.. and you can see the result for three weeks ....

Composition: Parafin Liquidum 66%, Cera 12%, Borax 1%, Oleum Rosarum 1%, Bulus Oil(turtle oil) 2%, Jamu Extract 18%

Indonesia has been producing Jamu for over 82 years to date and throughout this time there has been a traditional style of preparing Jamu, throughout the entire Indonesian community, this is as common as drinking coffee or tea daily and during meals in the overseas sector. Their many varieties of soaps, shampoo, creams, balms and lotions are prepared by the finest staff in their modern laboratories and distributed throughout Indonesia and the entire world.


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